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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER October 22, 2018 Vol.0122



An Invitation to an Evening of Entertainment
Employee Incentive Event
Nightlife Economy Production “SHINWA”
(Introducing “SHINWA”)



There may be some of you who saw the Orionids meteor shower at dawn today. Many foreign visitors find Japan to be mysterious and alluring. Some even say that they received fresh inspiration upon encountering the Japanese culture.
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The Happo-en business event team is introducing a brand new original experience: “SHINWA.” Our vision is to bring inspiration to people by sharing the captivating culture of Japan. We have used numerous mythologies from all over the country as the base and have woven them into one narrative, a blend of tradition and innovation.

You can see a glimpse of “SHINWA” in the video below. In it, we infuse the theme of abundant harvest with the motif of the “Fox Wedding Procession,” an ancient myth that taps into mysterious natural phenomenon such as rain when the sun is shining.




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Company meetings and incentive events are evolving into a new stage. We believe inspiration is the key.
With our beautiful eight-acre Japanese garden which has over 300 years of history, we offer an original experience that only Happo-en can create. Events and parties that we host will most certainly be a source of deep inspiration to our guests.
From the end of the year through spring, companies have a busy season of gatherings and events. Our event production team is at your service to provide a deeply inspiring experience for you and your team.




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