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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER November 12, 2018 Vol.0125



Tokyo’s autumn leaves are approaching their fullest colors.
Many of our guests have been enjoying Happo-en’s seasonal event TOKYO RED GARDEN, and our stylish RED BAR will be open in the garden from the 15th until the 30th!
Enjoy the last autumn leaves of the Heisei Period to your heart’s content.


The nights are cooling down, and the autumn leaves in our garden are deepening in color slightly earlier than usual.





Starting this weekend on the 15th, Happo-en’s original RED BAR will welcome guests every Thursday and Friday evening. The bar’s motif of the red paper umbrella, traditionally used by high ranking nobles and monks, creates a sophisticated atmosphere. We have crafted a signature cocktail that alludes to the red of the autumn leaves. Seasonal nerikiri (sweets made from bean paste and rice flour) and matcha are highly recommended as well.





Come stroll slowly through the garden with a drink in hand, taking in the full glory of the 115 trees. Or how about taking a seat on the red folding chairs, often seen in open-air tea shops, while experiencing the deep autumn air? In this quiet escape within the bustling city, be embraced by the openness and slowness of time.





Before or after your stroll, we invite you to stop by our cafe and restaurants overlooking the garden to savor autumn dishes full of seasonal flavors.



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