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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER November 19, 2018 Vol.0126



The holiday season is approaching,
ushering in the season of gift-giving.
Japanese chocolate bonbon kiki -季季-
is a way to share the beautiful seasons of Japan.
Strawberry, apple, and brown sugar flavors
are part of the seasonal collection again!



This winter season will be full of opportunities to gather together.
In Japan, gift-giving is the art of consciously caring for and appreciating the person.





Perhaps you are thinking of the perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth. What is a unique gift that can be experienced fully and will never be forgotten? We have exactly what you’re looking for – Happo-en’s chocolate bonbon kiki-季季-.

We explored all of Japan searching for fresh ingredients so you can taste the essence of Japan’s seasons. Yuzu (lemon-like citrus) from Kochi Prefecture, goma (sesame seeds) from Hagi, and sakekasu (a byproduct from sake-making) created during the brewing process of the famous Toyo Bijin are some of the fine ingredients we found.





We especially recommend the strawberry chocolate, which is a limited flavor in the winter collection. Mr. Takeshita from Rakuno Farm Takeshita in Fukuoka Prefecture is passionate about perfecting strawberries. His deliciously ripe strawberries have been fused with our chocolate, creating a rare, exquisite gem.





As we approach the holiday season, we trust our chocolate bonbon series kiki-季季- is the perfect gift to show that you care for and appreciate the people around you.





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