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A Toast to the Autumn Leaves HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER November 26, 2018 Vol.0127




The finale of the last autumn leaves of the Heisei Period.
Introducing events to enjoy nihonshu (sake) or champagne: which will you choose?


According to the traditional calendar, it is now shousetsu, meaning the time when snowflakes start falling. It is not full blown winter yet, but the weather is slowly transitioning. The phrase “kitakaze konoha wo harau” points to this season, when the cold northern winds blow the leaves off the trees, and the leaves blanket the ground below.







The first event is a nihonshu tasting event with the owner of a famous nihonshu brewery that was founded 340 years ago. Mr. Tokube Masuda from Masuda Tokube Sake Brewery in Kyoto will be sharing several types of nihonshu with us – particularly the original nigori zake, Tsuki no Katsura. This variety of nihonshu is unique in its cloudy appearance, because the fine rice particles were kept rather than filtered out. Learn about nihonshu from the master himself as you enjoy the seasonal dishes with a hint of miso – a perfect pairing for your drink.









The second event is a chic combination of music and champagne. Listen deeply to the world-class DJ Shuya Okino, known for his jazzy bass sounds. Harmonize the beat with the fine flavor of Taittinger, the official champagne of the previous World Cup.







We hope these two tastefully elegant events will help you savor the last autumn leaves of the Heisei Period.



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