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A Happo-en Christmas Experience HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER December 10, 2018 Vol.0129



The final Christmas season of the Heisei Period is here. What will you give the one you cherish? Happo-en’s Christmas experience is beginning.



Our garden is transitioning from late autumn to winter. We have put up Christmas trees in the chapel and the lobby, announcing the start of the last Christmas season of the Heisei Period.





Our handmade tree in the center of the lobby was reassembled using last year’s decor but refashioned into a new look. We also made this a community event for our guests by inviting everyone to write special messages on the ornaments.



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Each of our restaurants offer special Christmas dishes that will be sure to satisfy the dietary needs of all our guests. Our ingredients include a variety of earth-conscious produce which are naturally farmed, organic, or GAP (good agricultural practice) certified. We also have allergy-friendly dishes that take into consideration the most common allergens. Delicious vegan options are also available. In addition, we serve specially curated holiday cuisine that use miso, koji (fermented rice grains), and sakekasu (a byproduct from sake-making). Come enjoy a meal that is gentle and nourishing not just for the body but for the earth as well.





On Christmas Eve, we will host a Christmas choir concert in our Oriental Chapel, facilitated by a priest. This event is open to people of all backgrounds.





We hope you can join us to experience the spirit of Christmas with your friends and loved ones.






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