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Food Edutainment for Wellness HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER January 28, 2019 Vol.0136



As a wedding venue that is committed to our guests into the future, Happo-en is launching Food Edutainment – an exciting learning opportunity about food and wellness.



We deeply value being part of weddings that mark the start of a couple’s life together. Our long-term commitment is to be an ongoing encouragement to each couple, even into old age. To make this happen, wellness is essential.






Here at Happo-en, we consider the food we serve to play a significant part in sustaining health and wellness. This has led to the creation of allergy-friendly dishes as well as the active use of organic and naturally farmed ingredients.






Our pursuit of wellness through food has opened up doors for us to meet growers and suppliers across Japan. Every time we visit a local site, we learn so much from the natural environment and from the experts who are passionate about health. The experiences have been so enriching that we wanted to share it with guests who had their weddings at Happo-en or are considering it.





What better gift for new families than sharing health and wellness with them through a deeper understanding of food? That is why we started the Food Edutainment program. We trust this can lead to more people enjoying full and healthy lives.








The fifty seats for our first seminar on January 25th have already filled up, with guests on the waitlist. We are finding that there is very high interest in food and wellness.


We are also working to develop an app so that those who cannot attend the seminars can access the content as well.





We now live in an age of 100-year life spans, and for that to be enjoyed fully, health and wellness are crucial. Along with the Food Edutainment program, we will also share our content through these newsletters. We hope you enjoy learning more about food and wellness for a fuller life.




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