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A Glimpse of Spring HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER February 4, 2019 Vol.0137



Kawazu-zakura is a type of sakura (cherry blossom) that blooms early. In our garden too, they will start to bloom soon. The peak will be around mid-February. In Japan, the end-of-the-year transition time is in March. So now, as we see a glimpse of spring ahead of us, it’s time to start preparing for farewell and welcome parties.




Kawazu-zakura bloom earlier than any other type of sakura in our garden. They are named after the town of Kawazu on Izu Peninsula, which is famous for the cherry blossom festivals right around this time. Compared to the most common cherry blossom Yoshino-zakura, these flowers are a deeper, vibrant pink, bringing us a taste of spring celebration.




At our Japanese restaurant ENJYU, which specializes in naturally farmed ingredients and fermented cuisine, we have prepared seasonal dishes to coincide with the full blooming of the Kawazu-zakura. Private dining rooms are also available for your special business dinners.


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For Japanese, spring is a season for farewells and welcomes. Our special event planning team is here to help you organize goodbye and welcome parties. Earlier planning and reservations are recommended since sakura season is always popular and full here at Happo-en.

We will curate a unique, one-of-a kind event for you that can be a combination of a beautiful meal, a memorable gift, slideshows and videos, a stroll in the garden, and more. Come commemorate the season with us this spring.

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