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Japanese Chocolate for Valentine’s Day HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER February 12, 2019 Vol.0138



Introducing kiki-季季-, our special Japanese chocolate collection. The seasonal ingredients were grown in fertile soil across Japan and were then melted into chocolate.



These days, people around the world are more interested in Japan than ever. Tokyo especially is gathering attention. The beauty and value of Japanese culture is becoming increasingly recognized globally. We also see this interest here at Happo-en as more guests visit us.





We wanted to create something that our guests could take home—something that conveys our heart and appreciation. And we wanted it to be an invitation to come visit us again.





This is what inspired our Japanese chocolate collection.


Japan is a small country. But we have an abundance that we are honored to share with the world.





Each of our four seasons are distinct with their own beauty and allure. These seasons bring the experience of shun, which means that which is freshest and only available in that season, at that particular time. We follow this season flow in our chocolate crafting.





With the ever-changing seasons here in Japan, we experience a unique sense that each fleeting moment is precious because of its temporary existence. We tried to express this momentary bliss in our chocolates. And of course, the ingredients were specially selected from across Japan.



kiki イメージムービー



This Valentine’s Day, why not choose kiki-季季- chocolate as the perfect gift to express your love and show gratitude, or even just to pamper yourself? Because it’s not just your heart that is conveyed: it’s also the passionate heart of the growers from around Japan that is poured into each piece.



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