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Happo-en’s Chef Kanno Featured in Top French Restaurant Guide HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER February 18, 2019 Vol.0139



Happo-en’s Chef Sugano Featured in Top French Restaurant Guide



We are happy to announce that Happo-en’s restaurant Kochuan and the top chef Kanno received acknowledgement in Gault Millau, a French restaurant guide rivaling Michelin.









When you visit Happo-en, you may notice a Japanese-style house that overlooks the garden. Kochuan is a traditional Japanese ryotei restaurant that was named by the famous author Shusaku Endo. Engagement ceremonies, major meetings, and dinners for business VIPs are often held here. Recently, it’s been used to host diverse culinary experiences such as wine and champagne nights or nihonshu (sake) and food pairing events.


One such event was a gathering highlighting Japanese fermented cuisine where many of our guests were three-star chefs and gourmets. This led to Kochuan and our chef Jyoji Kanno being reviewed in Gault Millau 2019.







Here is an excerpt from their review:


“Jyoji Kanno became the top chef four years ago, and he has been carrying on the tradition of bringing in the new energy of each era…. The kimono-clad staff working under the okami (head hostess) move with refined grace, and here we see the sophistication of Japanese culture developed around food. Many small overpriced establishments are a fad these days. However, spending a spring evening overlooking one of the most outstanding gardens in Tokyo, while cherishing the sakura flowing in through the window as one tips their champagne glass…. This is the ultimate experience for people who have a refined appreciation for culture and fine tastes.”


We are truly grateful for this inspiring review and the recommendation as a wonderful restaurant.





Along with the red and white plum blossoms, kawazu-zakura (early cherry blossoms) have started to bloom. We invite you to come for a stroll in the garden and then to enjoy Kochuan. You are sure to have a rich experience that can only be tasted at a Japanese ryotei restaurant.



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