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Cherry Blossom Events to Savor Spring



When will the sakura (cherry blossom) buds begin to open? The long-awaited season of sakura is almost here. It’s time to start preparing for the last sakura viewing of the Heisei period, as well as farewell and welcome parties.  



The fifteen kawazu-zakura (early blooming dark cherry blossom) trees in our garden are in full bloom. Many of our guests admire their beauty and tell us how pleasantly surprised they are that the sakura trees are already blooming. In Japan, the sight of sakura moves people’s hearts with joy.







Japan Meteorological Corporation recently announced their forecast for when Somei-yoshino (the most common type of sakura) will start blooming. This year, Kochi prefecture will have the earliest sakura blossoming on March 17th. The prediction for Tokyo is March 21st–five days earlier than usual–and the full bloom will be around the 29th.







Based on this prediction, Happo-en will be hosting elegant, seasonal events to highlight sakura starting on March 21st. In each of our restaurants overlooking the garden, you can enjoy the beautiful blossoms as well as specially curated dishes featuring seasonal ingredients and spring flavors.












On March 29th when the full bloom is predicted, we will be hosting a wine and vegetable dish pairing event. Come join The Edo Culinary Experience at our banquet hall Hakuho-kan overlooking the front garden sakura trees. We will be pairing wine from Tokyo Winery, the first urban winery in the area, with naturally farmed vegetables from Kosaka Farm, which dates back to the Edo period (1603-1868). This will be an exhilarating event that captures all the senses: the aroma and flavor of food and wine, the beautiful view of sakura, and stories about wine production and vegetable farming. If you’re not a wine connoisseur, not to worry; we will also be serving craft beer and jizake (local artisan sake) from Tokyo.


「美食縦断2019 大江戸」ネットチケットサイト












For the classic hanami (cherry blossom viewing party) experience, we recommend the Sakura Full Bloom Festival 2019 in our garden and adjacent venue. Start with a glass of aperitif under the large sakura tree in the center of the garden, then progress to the festival food stalls for Happo-en dishes and local artisanal sake. Matcha and Japanese sweets will be a perfect finish to the hanami meal, and the grand finale is the participatory Koenji Awa-Odori dance. This is a traditional dance originally from Tokushima prefecture and is now enjoyed across the country. In Tokyo, Koenji is famous for its annual summer Awa-Odori festival.


「桜花爛漫祭2019 1日目」ネットチケットサイト

「桜花爛漫祭2019 2日目」ネットチケットサイト









Sakura season is just around the corner. You are warmly invited to experience the full beauty of the season at one of our elegant hanami events. Come celebrate spring with the people in your life and cherish an unforgettable time.




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