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Sakura Spring Festival 2019 Chic



The cherry blossoms are blooming soon!
This spring, let your spirit blossom to its fullest.
Spring Festival 2019 Chic starting on March 21st! 


Spring Festival 2019 MOVIE


This weekend, Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms are predicted to flower in Tokyo, marking the full arrival of spring. Our garden here at Happo-en will undergo an elegant and colorful transformation as eighty-five sakura trees of different varieties blossom one after another. Experience the various forms of beauty, from Taki-zakura(cascading waterfall sakura from Miharu town in Fukushima), the well-known Yoshino-sakuraShidare-zakura (weeping cherry), Yae-zakura (double-blossom sakura with more than five petals per blossom), Gyoikou-zakura (a rare green variety), and more.








From March 21st, enjoy the elegant night-time garden with lit-up sakura trees, as well as the seasonal menus at our restaurants that are specially curated to be enjoyed with the viewing of sakura.


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Thrush Cafe –specializing in the Farm to Table initiative–
We recommend our seasonal dishes that incorporate spring vegetables straight from the growers and grass-fed beef.





ENJYU –a natural farming and fermented cuisine restaurant–
Try our Bagna Cauda, an Italian anchovy fondue served with naturally farmed spring vegetables, with an added twist of miso.





VEGETABLE LIFE –organic deli–
Choose the perfect bento box for your sakura picnic, full of spring goodness. They are completely free of artificial ingredients.





ANNIVERSARY GARDEN –organic lifestyle restaurant–
Come enjoy your afternoon teatime with desserts using Kibou-no-ichigo, naturally farmed strawberries.





Kochuan –Japanese ryotei restaurant–
Use all of your senses to savor our multi-course meal kaiseki-ryouri and specialty dishes served in an artistic, traditional style.





If spring is drawing out a fresh, creative energy from you, we have the perfect experiences for you to try:
・Create your own sakura moss ball decoration
・Craft your own scented sachet bags and perfumed paper







If spring is igniting your appetite and curiosity, we recommend these events:
・Edo Culinary Experience 2019 –wine and vegetable tasting–
We will be showcasing and discussing specialty wine from Tokyo Winery, the first urban winery in Tokyo, and naturally farmed local vegetables from Kosaka Farm in Kokubunji, Tokyo.
・An Evening of Sake –amazing sake, amazing stories–
We will welcome Tamura Sake Brewery from Tokyo and hear about the artful skill of sake brewing that has been passed down for almost 200 years. For this unique event, we will be serving dishes that will be available only on this night.









Sakura Full Bloom Festival 2019 –the classic hanami (sakura viewing) party–
Hanami is all about having a fun picnic with good food, drinks, and dancing. If that sounds like you, then come join us for this annual festival. It will include festive food stalls, Japanese sweets and matcha, traditional awa-odori dancing, enjoying the aperitif under the fully blooming sakura trees, and more. Our garden here at Hoppo-en will be the place where you can experience hanami at its finest.





Spring is nearly upon us.
The cherry blossom trees sense the vibrancy of spring.
People feel the pulsating energy.
Throw on a new spring outfit and go experience something new.
The world is full of wonder, and humanity radiates with beauty.
Gardeners, chefs, sake brewers.
Take in the stunning view.
Savor the exquisite flavors.
Drink the delicate nuance.
Relax into conversation.
Fully enjoy this spring season, delighting in each moment.
Let your human experience be full and open.
Let your whole spirit spring to life.
The sakura blossom into their full glory.
We as humans follow suit and open up to our fullest potential.
Spring Festival 2019 is almost here!


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