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The First Green Tea Experience of the Reiwa Period



Enjoy the very first “first flush tea” of the Reiwa period for good luck.
Presenting: An Evening of Green Tea and Culinary Pairing.



In Japan, the first harvest of the season is considered to be auspicious. People view , the first crop, as one that brings good fortune and longevity.


The first flush green tea harvested on Hachiju-hachi-ya (May 1st or 2nd) is especially popular. It is believed to ward off illness and bad luck, enabling a long life. Hachiju-hachi-ya literally means eighty-eighth night, meaning the eighty-eighth night from the first day of spring according to the traditional calendar (usually in early February).





This year, with the imperial era changing to Reiwa in May, we have a rare opportunity for two “firsts” on Hachiju-hachiya, which falls on May 2nd: the very first “first flush green tea” of the new era.







We are happy to announce a special Hachiju-hachiya event to fully savor this memorable tea harvest. There will be different varieties of rare, freshly harvested tea for tasting, as well as a pairing of tea with dishes that include green tea as ingredients. It will be an evening to enjoy the sophisticated art of Japanese tea culture.

Date: Thursday, May 9th
Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (Doors open at 6:30 p.m.)
Location: Happpo-en main building
Guest Limit: 25 guests
Cost: ¥11,000 per person (includes tax and service fee)
Event Details:
・Tea Ceremony: Performed by Mr. Iwai, a Japanese tea instructor, providing matcha to be paired with dinner.
・Dinner: A full-course meal with dishes that include green tea as an ingredient, prepared by Happo-en’s head chef.
・Green Tea: Yaotome-chaShizuoka-cha, and other varieties of first flush tea, carefully selected by Mr. Iwai.



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Thank you for attending the Sakura Event! Now, we’re looking forward to having you again in our Summer Event at some point in July/August,2019. See you soon!



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