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A Nourishing Green Oasis



The ten-day holiday starts next week!
Happo-en welcomes you to our green oasis.
From the vibrant green garden to the greens in our dishes,
your soul is sure to be nourished.



Next week marks the beginning of the new imperial era Reiwa. With that comes a ten-day holiday. Instead of traveling far, perhaps you would prefer to be refreshed and rejuvenated from your daily busyness, right here in the city.





Happo-en’s garden is now full of vibrant green, and the azaleas and satsuki azaleas add a cheerful brightness to the landscape. It is the perfect season to explore the lush, spring garden, both during the day and in the evening.

In addition to a stroll in the garden, come enjoy our delicious cuisine to nourish your body. Whether at our restaurants or at wedding receptions and business events, we want to support our guests’ wellbeing through food, as well as by providing options for various dietary needs.





Thrush cafe


At Thrush Cafe, which overlooks the garden, our menu is abundant with spring goodness. The soups and salads are full of fresh vegetables from our partnering farms. The croissants and various breads are baked daily, using milk and butter from Oshima (a volcanic island off the coast of Honshu, Japan’s main island). We offer vegetarian and vegan options as well.


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At our Japanese restaurant ENJYU, guests can enjoy the garden view from the counter seats by the window. The menu incorporates naturally farmed vegetables and fermented ingredients such as miso (fermented soybean paste), providing nourishment for your body. The restaurant is now decorated for Tango-no-sekku, one of the five annual ceremonies that was traditionally celebrated in the imperial court. Now it is celebrated as Children’s Day on May 5th, a day to wish the happiness of all children. It is a wonderful opportunity for our overseas guests to come experience Japanese culture and food using all of the five senses.


On April 24th, we will be hosting a wine tasting event with wine from Gomi Winery, a seventy-year-old winery in Koushuu, Yamanashi Prefecture. From growing the grapes all the way through the fermentation process, this family-owned winery is committed to handcrafting their wine. Come savor this limited edition wine selection paired with our dishes.









At Anniversary Garden, our organic restaurant that also teaches about holistic food, we will be hosting a seminar about organic flower farming. You will hear from a dedicated farmer who grows flowers without using any pesticide or fertilizer. Along with gleaning knowledge, you will be able to experience the natural taste of organic dishes from our kitchen.





During this holiday, come visit our garden oasis. Slow down your pace and be restored by natural beauty and healthy food. There’s no need to travel far for a revitalizing experience. Come, relax, and be nourished.


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