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Savor this Ten-Day Holiday



From Heisei to Reiwa: the ten-day holiday is here!
We are ready to support your wellbeing through nourishing food at three locations–here at Happo-en,
at our organic cafe restaurant VEGETABLE LIFE,
and at Tokyo Midtown Garden.



Tomorrow is the beginning of Japan’s historic ten-day holiday. This is historic because it is the first ever ten-day holiday in Japan, and because the imperial era will transition from Heisei to Reiwa.

Happo-en is prepared to support our guests’ wellness through food at three different locations during this holiday.







Goop cafe at Midtown Garden in Tokyo Midtown

On April 19th, the actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s modern lifestyle brand called goop opened its first pop-up shop in Japan. Located in Midtown Garden, this shop also contains the world’s first goop cafe.

We have helped take the original recipes from to make the food and drinks that are served at goop cafe.





The California-style dishes and drinks are all dairy-free, and there are vegan and gluten-free options as well.

We hope you will come visit the shop and cafe during this long holiday for an experience that will empower you to be fully yourself, both beautiful and healthy.


goop TOKYO WEBサイト





VEGETABLE LIFE in Yukashi no Mori (Minato City Local History Museum)


Our organic vegetable restaurant cafe is located inside Yukashi no Mori, right by Shirokanedai Station. VEGETABLE LIFE serves dishes made with naturally farmed ingredients with no pesticides or fertilizers. These delicious meals can be packed for take-out as well.











There are vegetarian dishes available as well as a kids’ menu. On May 5th, Children’s Day, we will serve complimentary mini croquettes with the kids’ menu orders. We hope you will stop by for a nourishing meal.








Thrush Cafe and ENJYU at Happo-en


Come for a stroll in our garden full of lush, vibrant green, and enjoy our original craft beer Farm to Ale.





This craft beer, made with wheat from Seya district in Yokohama, is a perfect drink to have with a meal. At Thrush Cafe, soak in the spring air on the deck and enjoy the fresh vegetables straight from our partnering farms. At ENJYU, savor Japanese dishes made with naturally farmed and fermented ingredients while overlooking the garden.


Thrush cafe WEBサイト





Let this historic holiday be a time to nourish your body, mind, and heart. We look forward to serving you soon.

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