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Hydrangea Fest This Rainy Season



Our first event for the new Reiwa period is the Ajisai (Hydrangea) Fest.
Come relish the beauty of the rainy season with us.



The garden that was colored with azaleas and satsuki azaleas is now turning darker green, giving way to the hydrangeas that are starting to bloom. Around this time of year, Japan has about a month of rainy season before transitioning into the hot summer.











This rainy season is one of our favorites here at Happo-en, as it draws out the calm, mature beauty of the garden.

The raindrops and our waterfall create a special harmony. The wet leaves are lush and glossy. The pond resonates with the sound of falling raindrops. The green seems to reveal a darker, richer hue brought out by the moisture. Finding beauty in subtle places is a way to truly enjoy a Japanese garden. This appreciation of subtle natural beauty is a major part of Japanese culture.









To share the beauty of the garden and other cultural activities that are fitting with this season, we are hosting the Ajisai Fest, a hydrangea festival, on June 28th.

We have curated seasonal content that highlight the unique beauty of June. Experience the art of making Japanese sweets that resemble hydrangea flowers, and enjoy tea tasting with various Japanese green tea and cold matcha. Savor seasonal finger food and drinks as you listen to the gentle concert of raindrops falling.


Ajisai Fest web site





Relishing the beauty of each season is at the heart of Japanese culture. From Heisei to Reiwa, we will continue carrying on this spirit by creating new events that help our guests fully embrace each moment.



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