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Summer Festival Party at Happo-en



Summer festival season is almost here!
Experience the energy of Japanese festivals by having a festival-themed party,
with food stalls, dance, and traditional dress.



With the rainy season upon us, the hydrangeas in the garden are glorious. In less than a month though, the hot, humid Japanese summer will arrive, bringing the summer festival season with it. Here at Happo-en, we utilize our indoor space as well as the garden to create matsuri (festival) themed parties, which have been very popular in the past.

















The quintessential part of the Japanese summer festival is the traditional bon-odori, a communal dance around the festive scaffold yagura. We named our one-of-a-kind yagura, which also acts as a stage for taiko drums, KAGURA. The game booths and food stalls reflect an authentic festival experience. We will include shooting games, ring toss games, water balloon yo-yos, beautifully crafted artistic candy, cotton candy, octopus balls (round balls of dough with cooked octopus inside, smothered with savory sauce), and so much more. Unlike the normal festival food stalls, we can offer vegan, allergy-friendly, and gluten-free options. Make the experience authentic by wearing a yukata, a cotton summer kimono, or a happi, a cotton festival jacket, which are available for rental use.





Packed with unique Japanese experiences, festival themed parties are perfect for entertaining business guests from overseas. We also recommend them for anniversary events for your company, or parties for employees’ families.

Our event curation team is here to craft the ultimate Japanese matsuri party, bringing together the culture, craft, and celebration of the summer season.



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