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Summer Events to Indulge Your Senses



Welcome to our summer events.
From traditional Japanese haute cuisine and shaved ice to locally brewed craft beer and naturally farmed vegetables,
come celebrate the first summer of the Reiwa period.



July is just around the corner, ushering in the hot Japanese summer.





Japanese Sweets to Ease the Heat
This summer, we are bringing back the nostalgic Japanese retro cafe style to our Japanese restaurant Kochuan. Enjoy shaved ice with a Japanese twist as well as anmitsu, a delicious summer dessert with red bean paste and translucent jelly. Experience time slowing down and ease the heat as you enjoy cool sweets in this historical building from the early Taisho era (1912-1926).







Traditional Japanese Cuisine
On the evening of July 7th, which is the Star Festival, Kochuan will be serving dishes from Gifu prefecture. Take this opportunity to appreciate the exquisite ryoutei culture, the quintessential high-class Japanese dining experience.







Beer Terrace
If you are a craft beer fan, Farm to Table Beer Terrace 2019 is for you. We will be offering an all-you-can-eat-and-drink package! Savor vegetable dishes using fresh seasonal ingredients from partnering farms, artisan bread made without preservatives from our BLUE TREE bakery, Japanese craft beer, and other drink varieties.







Craft Beer Session
On July 25th, discover new flavors at one of our Gourmet Discovery events called Craft Beer Session. Various types of craft beer will be paired with a full course dinner featuring naturally farmed vegetables grown without fertilizers or pesticides. This is a truly epicurean event, featuring Sankt Gallen beer from Yokohama and hosted in our extravagant Hakuho Hall.







Sake Tasting with Master Brewer
On July 30th, we will be hosting our 29th nihonshu (sake) tasting event, featuring Shichida from Tenzan Brewery in Saga prefecture. The drinks will be paired with Japanese dishes specially curated for this night. Guests will have the opportunity to meet a representative from the brewery, which has received various international awards for its nihonshu.







Matsuri Japan 2019
Funnel the summer heat into an energetic three-hour dance event. On August 22nd and 23rd, various matsuri (Japanese summer festivals) dance styles from across Japan will convene at Happo-en to create an ecstatic festive experience.



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Join us at Happo-en to embrace Japanese summer in its fullness!


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