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The Perfect Summer Gift



For this mid-summer gift-giving season, express your gratitude by giving a gift made with ingredients
that have been crafted with passion and care from across Japan.



Ochugen is a tradition of giving gifts to people who you want to pay respect to?from older relatives to supervisors at work or valued customers. This widely-practiced Japanese tradition originated in China, and the idea is coupled with the obon holiday in Japan, a season of paying respect to your family and ancestors.

Obon, which occurs in mid-August, is a time of honoring those who have gone before us. Family members visit the family grave or offer incense at the family altar. Ochugen, on the other hand, was originally a tradition of giving fish as a gift to one’s parents who are still alive. This may be why it is still common to give food gifts for ochugen.

Now the tradition has shifted to sending gifts, along with a seasonal greeting, to those who you are indebted to. This may include people at your workplace, older relatives, or even teachers and doctors.






Happo-en has the perfect original gift for this occasion. Our confectionery gift set kiki-季季- is a collection of beautiful sweets made from select ingredients created by passionate craftspeople from across Japan.

Some of the select ingredients are:
・Lemon-like citrus fruit yuzu from Kochi prefecture that have taken fifteen years from planting to harvest.
・Sake-kasu, a by-product of sake production, created during the brewing process of the famous sake Toyo Bijin.
・Edible bamboo charcoal from Yamaguchi prefecture, crafted in earthen kilns.
・Lime-like citrus fruit sudachi from Tokushima prefecture.

These fine ingredients have been crafted into three types of chocolate delicacies:
・Chocolate truffles
・Chocolate cake gateau au chocolat
・French almond cake financier KOGASHI







Why not choose kiki-季季- to express your gratitude during this very first summer gift-giving season of the Reiwa period?



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