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There is one more year to go before the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics opening ceremony.
We are preparing to welcome guests from across Japan and around the world,
offering the traditional Japanese experience.



The long rainy season is coming to an end, and there is only one year until the Tokyo Olympics begin. There is an increasing number of foreign guests all across Tokyo, not just in Ginza or Asakusa, and Japan is getting ready to welcome the world with diverse language and food options.





Our vision has been to bring a traditional Japanese experience to overseas guests and a nostalgic homecoming for Japanese guests. From that vision, we are living out the mission of continuing to be a place to which our guests can return, and to share the spirit of Japanese hospitality () with the world. In the last few years, our main focus has been around food.











Our allergy-friendly menu has eliminated seven of the most common allergens while maintaining the quality of flavor and colorful presentation. For our Muslim guests, we serve Japanese beef and traditional dishes that are Halal. The vegetables used in our vegan and vegetarian dishes are organic, naturally farmed, or are GAP certified (Good Agricultural Practice). In addition, we serve gluten-free options.







We are also offering opportunities to experience Japanese food culture in a hands-on way, from making your own sushi rolls to creating your own matcha tea. There is even a chance to try your hand at crafting delicate Japanese sweets.





We continue to strive to create a space where our overseas guests can thoroughly enjoy Japanese cuisine and food culture, and return back home with an unforgettable experience.



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