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Experience Traditional Japanese Culture



With the growing interest in experiencing traditional Japanese culture,
why not plan a day of cultural immersion at Happo-en, along with a stroll in our historical garden?



We have seen an increase of guests, both Japanese and foreign, asking about Japanese cultural experiences.


For Japanese guests, many want to learn in preparation for welcoming guests from overseas. For overseas guests that have visited Japan several times already, many want to deepen their knowledge and experience.










At Happo-en, there are a variety of cultural experiences available:

  • Participate in a tea ceremony in an authentic tea room.
  • Learn from a chef how to make decorative maki-zushi (sushi rolls).
  • Make seasonal nerikiri (white bean paste sweets) with a Japanese sweets artisan.
  • Try your hand at traditional kumiko (lattice-like wood work that uses no nails) under the guidance of a woodworker.
  • Experience Japanese flower arrangement and noh (music based live theater).





We have kimono rental and fitting available as well if you would like to make the experience even more authentic. We can cater to your interests and time frame, such as a stroll in the garden before or after the experience, customizing a unique cultural immersion just for you.


We hope you will come visit us to fully savor the richness of traditional Japanese culture.



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