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Final Summer Celebration!



Embrace summer right to the end with traditional Japanese festivals.
Come join us for exciting food stalls, game booths, festival dances and more.



It’s summer! Let’s dance, let’s celebrate. It’s time for MATSURI JAPAN 2019!



With obon week (during mid-August, Japanese people visit their family grave sites and honor their ancestors) having passed, events and preparations usually start transitioning toward the fall and winter. But here at Happo-en, we have a grand finale to fully experience summer and Japanese festivals–MATSURI JAPAN 2019 on August 22nd and 23rd.







If you have not yet worn a yukata (summer kimono), or been to a matsuri (festival) with booths and stalls, or joined any bon-odori (festival dance) this summer, this event is for you.

Maybe you haven’t been able to enjoy this summer to your heart’s content.

Or, you want to soak up the summer vibe and have a good time with your friends.

Perhaps, you have never seen a full-on Japanese matsuri.
If so, we can’t recommend this event enough.







There will be a showcase of various famous matsuri dances from across Japan, such as the Awa dance with chants and synchronized choreography, Kasa dance using paper umbrellas, Hyottoko dance with comical masks, and a tiger dance. Traditional kagura will also be performed, which is a musical and theatrical performance offered to the gods.







A Japanese matsuri is not complete without food stalls and game booths. Savor the original Happo-en dishes from the food stalls, and embrace the fun with shooting games, the ring-toss, and more. This is your last chance to join in for the bon dance.


Now is your last opportunity to join the biggest summer party right in the middle of Tokyo where you will experience the summer energy to its fullest. Reserve your spot now while there is space!



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