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Healthy and Diverse Food for Your Event



Imagine if you could add a unique twist to your work meetings and events.
What if you could bring wholeness to your workplace through dynamic events featuring fresh, healthy food?
August is winding down, bringing relief from the heat. As September approaches, it is once again a busy event season for companies with parties and meetings for the midterm and the end of the fiscal term.



Autumn is the season to truly appreciate the harvest, taking in the goodness of the earth. We want to promote and support the well-being of your employees and colleagues with events focusing on healthy food.











Our veggie bento box uses naturally farmed ingredients, without any chemicals or fertilizers. This is also available for take-out.

The coffee we serve at all our facilities and restaurants at Happo-en is now officially fair-trade certified, as of this August.

We are actively using ingredients with Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) certification, particularly from Fukushima prefecture but also from across Japan.

Our partnering farmers provide fresh, seasonal produce from all over the country.





We are continually developing recipes and dishes with ingredients which are good for both people and the environment. We also have options available for guests requiring vegan or allergy-friendly dishes, as well as for our Muslim guests with halal preferences.





Our regular food edutainment events are also a great way to learn about wellness and food.





As the autumn harvest approaches with an abundance of fresh seasonal food, come enjoy the diverse and healthy dishes served at any event that you plan at Happo-en.



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