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As summer turns towards autumn,
come learn about food and wellness at our autumn harvest food and drink seminars.



In the mornings and evenings, we can now feel autumn seeping into the air. The gardens are lovely to stroll through with the cooler temperature. In Japan, autumn is a time for enjoying the seasonal harvest and studying. We brought these two activities together for a variety of food and drink seminars.





September 9th (Monday)
The 5th Wine Event at Our Restaurant ENJYU
We will be welcoming Domaine des Tengeijis, a winery in Hokuto city in Yamanashi prefecture. Since their opening in the autumn of 2017, their motto has been “authentic local wine that creates the future.” The quality is of course at its finest, but they also cultivate their grapes in an environmentally sustainable way. Through wine production, this winery is also actively promoting social causes, such as reclaiming unused land and providing local employment.







September 26th (Thursday)
The 30th Nihonshu Tasting Party with the Master Brewer
We will be hosting King Brewery, a well established brewery that will be celebrating their 120-year anniversary this year. Their Hinode mirin (sweet, slightly tangy rice wine used for cooking) is a well-known brand in Japanese culinary culture, but they are also putting their effort into nihonshu (sake) production. Their original sake Banshu-nishiki which uses Yamada-nishiki brand rice from Inami town, Hyogo prefecture, was given the governor’s award in 1993.


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October 5th (Saturday)
Food Edutainment Event
Learn about vegan food — a way of life that is sustainable and good for your body and the environment. Ms. Aiko Sawano will share with us about vegan food that is gaining more popularity these days, and answer questions about her vegetable-filled lifestyle.





Come eat, drink, and learn with us as we take in the autumn harvest.



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