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Happo-en’s business event curation team is here to create stunning videos of your party or event that your company can use at a later time.



Opening and ending videos are now an essential part of weddings. At Happo-en, we often suggest using videos and visual material for other types of parties and events as well.





Today, we want to show you a glimpse of what our final videos look like. Here is some visual material we created from the 2020 Model Host Town Showroom that we hosted on August 27th. As a main member of the Host Town Promotion Committee, we were involved in developing the content and menu for the event.





Opening Video
This video highlights the anticipation for the upcoming Model Host Town in Ariake, Tokyo during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.






This video shows the activities thus far between the host towns and other countries, along with the dishes we developed using the unique cuisine and specialties from each location. In the process of curating the dishes, we even discovered some beautiful similarities between the Japanese host town and partnering countries.






Spain and Taiwan Partnering with Shizuoka Prefecture
Shizuoka is well-known for its tea. This video introduces the fascinating nature and people of Taiwan and Spain, the partnering countries, around the theme of tea.







The Netherlands Partnering with Yamada Town in Iwate Prefecture
This footage introduces and showcases Yamada Town, a partner town with the Netherlands, under the title of Experience Tour.







Ending Video
The event successfully communicated the notable and exciting aspects of the 2020 Model Host Town to the representatives from local cities, embassies, companies, and the media. We captured the experience in this video that we created during the event and shared at the end.


We hope you enjoy the videos and look forward to creating a similar video for you and your company soon.





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