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Taste the Flavors of Autumn



You can feel autumn in the air.
With it comes fresh produce from our partnering farms,
ushering in a season of autumn harvest goodness.


Hard unripened fruits are starting to change colors, signalling the arrival of autumn. There is a sense of relief after a harsh summer season.

Gentle colors, gentle time, that’s what autumn brings. Celebrate with us the start of a delicious culinary season to heal your summer weariness.



Autumn is a time to enjoy the full-bodied flavor of fish, especially in sashimi and sushi. Our Japanese restaurant ENJYU is perfect for taking in the scenery from the garden view seats as you savor sushi made on the spot and served by our chefs.


We highly recommend our seasonal speciality Autumn Sushi Extravaganza that includes three types of seasonal seafood. Hamo, or pike conger eel, matures into an even richer flavor as autumn unfolds. Salmon roe is at its peak along with salmon. And boiled autumn shirasu, or white bait, is now succulent and bursting with flavor.







For those of you who want to enjoy the blue sky and autumn breeze over lunch, we recommend the mushroom penne dish at our Thrush Cafe terrace seating.


This special penne highlights early autumn ingredients and is full of tender mushrooms from Hachiman-daira, Iwate prefecture. We use both fresh and grilled mushrooms, allowing our guests to compare and enjoy the diversity of flavors and aromas.


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If you want to enjoy organic cuisine to your heart’s content, our Anniversary Garden on Platinum Street is for you. Here, we specialize in dishes using naturally farmed ingredients without the use of any fertilizer or pesticide.


The autumn menu includes a stewed dish using pork from pigs that have been raised in the expansive pastures of Tokachi, Hokkaido. Natural pig farming allows for the pork to soak up rich nutrients from soil and nuts. Savor umami, the depth of taste, full of nature’s goodness.







Autumn is the time for rice harvest. What better way to celebrate the first harvest of the Reiwa period than by attending the Reiwa Niiname Festival (thanksgiving festival) at our Japanese fine-dining (ryotei) restaurant Kochuan? There will be six different types of freshly harvested rice for our guests to taste, as well as ryotei dishes specially created to draw out the fullness of the fresh rice flavor, only available on this night.




Come discover glimpses of autumn with a stroll through our garden, and let your senses open up to fully embrace the diverse autumn flavors.


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