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New Autumn Menu



Recent encounters with diverse food, drink, and culture inspired us to bring new dishes to our menu. Come enjoy an epicurean autumn as you relish new flavors.





Scallop Rice Bowl from Yamada Town, Iwate Prefecture


The Happo-en staff had an opportunity to travel all around Japan this past summer as we prepared for the 2020 Host Town House (the initiative we are involved in for the 2020 Olympics). During this trip, we met many experts who taught us about different foods and gave us a fresh perspective.


In Yamada Town, Iwate Prefecture, fishermen taught us how to catch scallops in their beautiful, local clear-blue ocean.


The rice bowls with scallops on top (hotate-don) that we ate there used whole scallops, making the dish so much more indulgent than the ones you would find in Tokyo. The meat succulent and the flavor robust, the dish reminded us of the delicious potential that scallops possess.


With that experience in mind, our Japanese restaurant ENJYU will soon be serving hotate-don, scallops on rice, with a unique twist. We hope you enjoy the scallops to the fullest, just as we did in Yamada Town.







Fragrant Oolong Tea from Taiwan


Taiwan is quite close to Japan and is a frequent holiday destination, with many popular tourist spots such as night markets. Here, we were mesmerised by Taiwanese oolong tea – grown organically, handpicked, and crafted with care.


Taiwan is a subtropical island with a mountain range running through the center from north to south. The mountainous region is misty throughout the year, and this is where the exquisite oolong tea is grown. The pure water source and vast, majestic nature create tea leaves that are said to have a unique, refreshing energy, known as the mountain qi.


First, the tea experience starts with its captivating fragrance. As you continue into tasting, the rich flavor fills your palette and warms your heart. To make this available to our guests, starting October 1st, we will be serving four types of oolong tea: High Mountain, Mo Li Hua (jasmine flavored), Gui Hua (osmanthus flower-flavored), and Oriental Beauty.


This tea selection is great for brewing at home and is also a perfect gift for someone you want to share your heart with.







There are other new additions to the menu as well, such as milky Japanese melon bread (a sweet bun with a crispy cookie dough layer on top) made with fresh butter and milk from Izu Oshima island. We hope you will visit us soon to share in this rich autumn food experience gathered from across Japan.



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