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Tea Ceremony and Kimono Experience



Come explore your artistic side this autumn with traditional Japanese culture.



Since the beginning of October, we have received more inquiries about cultural experiences such as being dressed in a kimono or participating in a tea ceremony. Autumn is considered a season for the arts here in Japan.





The most popular request is our matcha tea ceremony in the teahouse Mu An. This teahouse was originally built by Heihachi Tanaka, a silk merchant native to Yokohama (1834-1884), and it was later moved and reassembled here at Happo-en.


This teahouse is a replica of Zangetsutei, a historical and well-known tea ceremony room in Kyoto. Sen no Rikyu, the great tea master who has been the most influential figure in the way of Japanese tea ceremony, designed this unique teahouse to entertain aristocratic guests of the famous warlord Hideyoshi Toyotomi.





Our guests can enjoy the simple table and chair style tea ceremony with matcha and sugary sweets called wasanbon, or experience this all on the tatami mat floor for a more authentic ceremony.





Some of our international guests have also enjoyed wearing kimonos while participating in various Japanese cultural experiences.


As our garden is finally putting on its autumn colors, we invite you to come for a stroll and then enjoy a time of Japanese cultural exploration.



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