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Meditative Walk and Tea Ceremony



November is upon us. Before the last month of the year approaches, we invite you to spend some time to do the most luxurious thing – doing nothing.



The Nikkei Marketing Journal carried an article recently saying that in this day and age, “doing nothing” is a commodity. At Happo-en, we have a brand new experience for you where we fuse mindfulness and Japanese culture. Let us share what the time will look like.


When our guests arrive at 9 a.m., they are invited to drop off their phones in the designated phone bag. This way, both the phones and the guests can take a well-needed break apart from each other.





Then our staff will lead the participants in a half an hour walk through our garden as they savor the quietness that will make them forget they are in a big city. People who experience this type of walk often notice how the fresh morning air and diverse sounds soothe their souls.


After a slow walk, there will be a time to rest through a fusion of zazen and tea ceremony in a room filled with natural light. Guests will be led to release any tension from their upper body and then guide their posture in a way that allows energy to gather at their pelvis, lower back, belly, and lower body. After that, through practicing tanden breathing (lower belly breathing), they will continue to concentrate on their breath through deep breathing.





From a meditative mindset, with full awareness of the present moment, the guest will focus on their movement as they pour Japanese green tea from a teapot.





Enveloped in the fragrance of the tea, the meditative state continues as the participant gives thanks for the life energy that is received from the tea. This is the practice of zen and tea ceremony, where the heart feels settled and time flows slowly.


We have received positive feedback from both our Japanese and foreign guests. They have shared that even though it lasts only an hour or so, the morning walk and the time of zazen and tea is so refreshing for the body and the mind that they want to participate regularly or pour their own tea in a similar way at home.


This tea and zazen experience coupled with the garden walk is available for between six to twenty participants. Before November slips away, we hope you can come and immerse yourself in a luxurious hour of complete freedom from your phones and to-do lists.



[Japanese-Tea Instructor(CHA-ZEN Instructor)]
From 6 persons (Weekday plan Monday to Friday)
1 CHA-ZEN lesson ¥30,000 (Plus Tax & Service Charge)


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