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Original Year-End Gifts



November is halfway over, reminding us to start preparing gifts for the end of the year.


This year, we have prepared our original selection of winter gifts that are perfect for the winter gift-giving season.





Our chocolate confectionary brand kiki -季季- is a selection of chocolate truffles and other chocolate flavored desserts with unique Japanese flavors. The blend was inspired by the many growers and craftspeople we met as we traveled through Japan looking for the perfect ingredients.





We also expanded our horizons to Taiwan and were mesmerized by the organic Taiwanese oolong tea, grown with care and hand-picked with pride. In October, this tea joined our gift selection line-up.


We are thankful for the beautiful connection with these passionate growers and artisans that has led to these gifts. We believe they are perfect year-end gifts for you to express your gratitude to your business partners and clients.


There are three types of gift sets available, making it easier to select based on who the recipient is and what they might enjoy.


If you would rather shop in person and see more choices, we will be opening a pop-up store from November 20th to December 3rd at Takashimaya in Nihonbashi. We hope you will stop by to choose the perfect gift from our selection.





kiki Chocolates Set
Gâteau Au Chocolat (Chocolate Cakes) 8 pieces
Chocolate Truffles 8 pieces
¥5,500 (plus tax)





kiki Taiwanese Oolong Tea Set
Oriental Beauty & Gui Hua (Osmanthus Flower-Flavored Tea)
¥4,500 (plus tax)





kiki Chocolate Truffles & Tea Set
Chocolate Truffles (3 pieces)
Taiwanese Oolong Tea – Oriental Beauty
¥3,500 (plus tax)



At the end of the year in Japan, we send gifts to clients, business partners, and older relatives that we want to express our gratitude to. This gift-giving tradition called oseibo shows that we hope for a good relationship in the coming year as well. As the first year of the Reiwa Period comes to an end, why not share in this Japanese custom to show your appreciation to the people who have journeyed with you this year?


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