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Diverse Food for All



Autumn in Japan is traditionally known as the season for hearty appetites, with bountiful selections of food in season and at their best. Here at Happo-en, we are finding unique opportunities for partnerships to offer a diverse food selection.



With autumn at its peak, we have been serving exquisite seasonal cuisine at our restaurants. But our pursuit of food is not limited by our location; we have been traveling overseas and across Japan to engage in projects that promote diverse and accessible food culture.





On November 12th, we traveled to Malaysia to attend the Asian Business Leadership Forum & International Halal Symposium. There, we presented on the Halal food selection we have developed and now offer at Happo-en, as well as about our catering and business event production. With the Olympics coming in 2020, there is an increasing need for diverse food options. We are ramping up our effort to provide even more Halal dishes.





On November 29th, we will create a partnership with Iwase Agricultural High School in Fukushima as a supplier of their eleven global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified food items. We hope to encourage the next generation of farmers as we meet and interact with the staff and the students.





We have also been involved in producing a cultural event for Yamada Town in Iwate Prefecture and their Host Town partner, the Netherlands. With the main emphasis on different cultural dishes, we are developing the menu and other aspects for this event.


We hope to continue to partner with people from overseas and across Japan to provide delicious and uniquely suited food options. Please connect with us if you need any catering and event production that require diverse food choices to meet special dietary needs. We are here to provide you with an accessible food experience for all.



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