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We’re Launching a Gift Shop!




Happo-en’s original gift selection kiki-季季- was created from our connection

with growers and crafts people across Japan.

On January 18th, we are launching a gift shop showcasing

this gift brand that continues to evolve and expand.



Seasons. Flow. Encounter.
Spring arrives, then welcomes in summer.
Autumn follows, then surrenders to winter.



The story of kiki-季季- started in 2016 as a chocolate truffles series crafted

with fresh ingredients grown from fertile soil across Japan.






We soon had many guests using the truffles set as the perfect gift for many occasions.

Sometimes they were for guests at weddings or parties, and at other times,

a gift for business meetings and seasonal occasions.






The kiki-季季- brand has grown steadily, with the addition of gâteau au chocolat (chocolate cakes),

chocolate financier (walnut cakes) KOGASHI, and Taiwanese oolong tea.

The gâteau au chocolat uses rice flour made from organic Yamada-nishiki rice grown in Yamaguchi Prefecture,which is the main ingredient for the famous sake with the same name.

KOGASHI possesses a unique Japanese twist compared to traditional financier,

with the addition of natural Japanese walnuts grown in Iwate Prefecture,

and brown sugar from Okinawa crafted using their traditional method.

The Taiwanese oolong tea is from the mountainous region of Taiwan,

where it is grown organically and hand-picked with care.









With the gift selection growing, we are excited to announce the opening of our kiki-季季- shop on January 18th.

Located at Happo-en, our guests can view our entire selection and make purchases on the spot.






We hope you will stop by to select the perfect gift for your loved ones or even for yourself as a special treat.



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