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We have just launched our specialized central kitchen and catering kitchen car for various dietary restrictions to allow for more people to enjoy food together.




With the 2020 Olympic Games approaching and many overseas guests preparing to visit Japan, this year requires even more flexibility and accessibility to a variety of diverse foods.
In order to respond to this growing need, Happo-en has started a catering service from our central kitchen.








With this central kitchen, we can now offer vegetarian, vegan, allergy-friendly, and Muslim-friendly dishes to even more people and with even more efficiency than in the past. We also hope to offer diverse cuisine as a way of supporting our guests’ wellness and creating a culinary experience that is delightful both in presentation and flavor.












This service will be able to provide support for various food events not only at Happo-en, but off site events as well. This catering kitchen will be able to offer Muslim-friendly options, as the cooking space and utensils used will be used only for creating Muslim-friendly dishes. All of the ingredients and seasonings to be used will be Halal certified as well. We are in the process of obtaining official Halal certification for the new kitchen facilities including the FSSC22000 certified; which is an internationally accredited food safety management certification with rigorous standards, by spring 2020.








In 2020, we will see an enormous influx of foreign guests. With our vision of omotenashi (the spirit of Japanese hospitality), we will continue to introduce traditional Japanese food culture and diversified dishes, so that our guests can enjoy a memorable culinary experience. Happo-en will continue to produce a variety of events for this year as well, focusing on food.




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