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Original Valentine’s Chocolate



A gift for a special someone, to express your heart. Or perhaps a little indulgence for yourself. Our exquisite chocolate series 季季-kiki- is crafted from carefully-selected ingredients grown with care from across Japan. Find the perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day at one of our many pop-up stores!



We created our 季季-kiki- chocolate series by fusing chocolate with fresh ingredients grown in fertile soil from around the country. With February 14th approaching, our pop-up stores are opening at several locations.









This year’s limited flavors are strawberry, brown sugar. For the brown sugar flavor, we selected fine brown sugar crafted from sugar cane grown on the ocean side of Tokunoshima Island (in the far south, near Okinawa). The raw ingredient is boiled down into sugar using wood instead of gas, creating a mild flavor full of minerals from the ocean. With a slightly salty tone added to the chocolate flavor, we recommend this for those who prefer a less sweet taste.









The most popular of our standard flavors is sakekasu (a by-product from sake-making), a flavor for the mature palette. The sakekasu used is from Sumikawa Brewery in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture, the producer of the famous fine sake Toyo Bijin.






The chocolate is available at the 季季-kiki- store at Happo-en as well as at our pop-up stores at the following department stores.



Tokyo Area
Daimaru, Tokyo January 23rd – February 14th
Odakyu, Shinjuku January 25th – February 14th
Takashimaya S.C., Nihombashi January 29th – February 14th
Mitsukoshi, Ginza February 4th – February 14th
Isetan, Shinjuku February 5th – February 14th

Other Locations
Isetan, Shizuoka January 29th – February 13th
Fujisaki, Sendai January 29th – February 14th

Enjoy our uniquely Japanese chocolate series that comes from the dedicated passion of the farmers and producers. This is the gift you have been looking for – for that special person or for yourself.


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