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Spring Culinary Experiences



The Kawazu-zakura cherry blossom trees are flowering earlier than most years, forecasting that spring will arrive sooner than usual. Our upcoming chic events will surely help you enjoy the cherry blossoms to their fullness.








Kawazu-zakura (early blooming cherry blossom trees) started blooming as usual, but now the blossoms are blooming more rapidly than normal years. We have started our limited Kawazu-zakura illumination in the garden, but this weekend will already be its peak.






After Kawazu-zakura, the main attraction will be Somei-yoshino, the most common sakura tree, with gentle pink blossoms. These will most likely bloom a little earlier as well. For this year, we are preparing hanami (cherry blossom viewing) events alongside opportunities for enjoying Japanese culinary culture in a relaxed atmosphere.










On March 30th, we will be hosting a wine pairing event entitled Gourmet Adventure 2020 Spring Edition. Using plenty of fresh spring ingredients farmed naturally without pesticides or fertilizer, our original course menu will be paired with wine from Domaine des Tengeijis in Yamanashi prefecture. This cutting edge winery’s vision is to craft excellent wine without harming the environment, and to foster sustainability that can impact future generations.










Come join this stylish event to enjoy the evening blossoms, and to listen to the craftspeople share about their work of creating wine that is environmentally-conscious and future-focused.










April 1st is our 33rd nihonshu (sake) tasting event with the master brewer, coupled with sakura viewing. We will be welcoming Tsuchida Brewery from Gunma prefecture, a brewery that pays special attention to the types of microorganisms used in the brewing process.










This brewery is continuously improving their technique of drawing out the microorganisms’ optimal activity, which then leads to producing a new flavor. Their vision is for this collaboration of brewers and yeast to create a stunning product that can be shared globally, and for this traditional skill to be passed on to the next generation. Come join us to be impacted by their passionate heart and stories.





Happo-en’s spring events are opportunities for enjoying exquisite cuisine, learning about the production process, and hearing directly from the growers and producers. The same content can be organized privately for company parties and events. Why not use this occasion to provide your employees with food education to promote wholeness and well-being?





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