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Moving Forward



Moving Forward

Living Together

Appreciating the Earth




As of June 1st, the Happo-en Group resumed corporate activities with the aim of preventing the spread of new coronavirus virus and ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees.




Our staff understands that things will not return to the way they were before. This is why we will work towards “ethical thinking”, “coexistence” and “helping one another” again with sincerity and move forward with reinvigorated sense of gratitude and kindness for the earth, nature, and everything around us that gives us life.




Maintaining Peace of Mind

The Happo-en Group’s mission is to provide our Japanese customers with a place that is dear to their hearts. For our international customers we provide a place to experience Japanese culture.

For 77 years since its establishment, Happo-en, with its Japanese garden, has been a place where one can truly spend time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Based on the spirit we have cultivated since our founding, we strive to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Through our newly established support system our customers, employees, partner companies, and all visiting families, can enjoy their time at Happo-en with peace of mind.


We are constantly strengthening our hygiene management by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting our facilities. In addition, we have strengthened our prevention of contact and droplet transmission in our facilities so that we can welcome everyone safely.

In an effort to combat infectious diseases we have created the following 33 pictograms.

Please click the link for more information.


Under our new slogan, we will tackle social issues even more seriously and carry out corporate activities that can give back to the society and the earth for the future.


Despite these difficult circumstances, we are deeply grateful for your continued patronage. The Happo-en team wishes you good health and peace without end.




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