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Japanese Food Culture, Delivering Safety and Security to the World as the Second Company in Japan to Receive the Food Safety Management Systems 22000 Certification (Category E)



Concern for food hygiene, security and safety has come to the forefront in wake of the new coronavirus.

At Happo-en, we have always had a heightened awareness regarding the importance of food safety and are committed to ensuring and improving our food safety and security.



With this in mind, in February 2020, Happo-en acquired the FSSC 22000 (Category E) certification, which is an international standard for food safety management systems, in order to ensure that the Japanese food culture we introduce is delivered safely and securely.









The second company in Japan to receive the FSSC 22000 certification (Category E)




“FSSC 22000” is an abbreviation for “Food Safety System Certification 22000”, which was approved as one of the food safety certification schemes by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI.), established in 2005 by the food retail industry.

The GFSI are approved standards and has been adopted by leading international food manufacturers, supermarkets and retailers as a guideline for supply chain management.




The FSSC 22000 incorporates hygiene management methods as defined in the international standard ISO 22000 (a food safety management requirement for organizations involved in the food chain industry) however it incorporates more specific standards particularly in areas that the ISO 22000 was lacking. In turn, this new standard has made implementing food safety initiatives more straightforward.


The FSSC 22000 category E certificate, which Happo-en received, includes catering as well as food served in banquet halls and guest rooms.








1.Food Safety Observation Initiatives




All of Happo-en’s food hygiene strategies are documented in manuals and are available to all employees and partners.

Of course, these manuals are made available to our customers and any external parties, such as government offices or other companies.


Some of our initiatives include the following activities:

・Managing the handling of food from delivery to serving.

・Maintaining and cleaning of facilities (including water supply and drainage) and equipment.

・Managing personal hygiene of workers, etc.









2.Hygiene Management Based on HACCP



In June 2018, we incorporated the Codex HACCP- a hygiene management system, which was at the center of a major amendment to the Food Sanitation Act and outlined in the internationally recognized ISO 22000.

We provide safe food products by conducting hazard analyses in the manufacturing process, as well as recording our findings and establishing risk control measures.





In light of the new coronavirus, food safety is important more than ever. It is also expected that consumers will become more and more aware of product protection safety.


This is why Happo-en has reopened for business under the new slogan, “Living Together & Appreciating the Earth”.  In order to further improve product safety management and awareness, while delivering the highest level of safety and security to our customers, we will continue to carry out corporate activities that can contribute to the future of society.




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