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Sales have begun for the new GAP team’s new product, additive-free malt Amazake made from Global GAP certified rice and produced by Iwase Agricultural High School in Fukushima.


With the resumption of our corporate activities, Happo-en has adopted the new slogan, “Living together & Appreciating the Earth”. Under this slogan, we will further tackle social issues and promote corporate activities that can give back to society.



As part of our new corporate activities, we will begin selling malt Amazake from Wednesday, July 1, 2020, which is made from rice grown by Iwase Agricultural High School students in Fukushima Prefecture. This rice has obtained the Global GAP certification which ensures this products production is safe and secure. 


On Tuesday, June 30, we held a product unveiling event at Iwase Agricultural High School. As we exchanged toasts with around 20 participants, we felt joy and renewed determination for our mission .





Additive-free Malt Amazake made from rice grown by Iwase Agricultural High School 


Product name: “Additive-free Koji Amazake made with rice grown by Iwase Agricultural High School in Fukushima

Release Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Price: 1,200 yen per bottle (520ml) (excluding tax)











Introducing the new GAP team project by Happoen ∞ Iwase Agricultural High School in Fukushima Prefecture has begun!  


In Fukushima Prefecture, they are actively working to obtain GAP certification in order to communicate the safety and security revolving around the agricultural products of Fukushima Prefecture.


The number of producers in the prefecture who have obtained GAP certification is 231 (as of December 2019), and 10 high schools (as of September 2019) are implementing GAP initiatives.





In preparation for the Tokyo 2020 games, Happo-en is participating in the Host Town Appeal Executive Committee, which works to support the host town activities of municipalities across the country. It was during this time that Happo-en met Iwase Agricultural High School of Fukushima Prefecture.


In 2019, Happo-en signed an agricultural cooperation agreement with the aim of sharing Iwase Agricultural High School’s desire to acquire GAP certification and communicate the “safety and security ” of their agricultural products to the world.





638 students of Iwase Agricultural High School and Happo-en, have joined together as one GAP team to start a new project with the following three objectives; 

1. Increase the number of GAPs acquired in Fukushima Prefecture

2. Focus on GAP holders- Increase the number of GAP holders in Japan

3.  For the next generation of Japanese agriculture, utilize International agricultural management.

For this projects first task we have developed an additive-free malt Amazake made from rice produced by Iwase Agricultural High School in Fukushima Prefecture, which went on sale on Wednesday, July 1, 2020.













Presenting the safety of Fukushima Prefecture’s agricultural products to the world

This “Amazake” uses “Koshihikari” rice, which is produced by Fukushima Prefecture’s Iwase Agricultural High School students and has received the international standard “Global GAP” certification. 


These student’s hope to convey to the people of Japan and abroad, the safety of Fukushima Prefecture’s agricultural products. They wish people will enjoy Fukushima’s products more and more. Our hope is for everyone to try this additive-free malt Amazake that was made with rice from Fukushima Prefectural Iwase Agricultural High School, as it was created with the high school students hope’s in mind. 





Characteristics of the Additive-free Malt Amazake made with rice from Fukushima Prefecture’s Iwase Agricultural High School





The students from Iwase Agricultural High School in Fukushima Prefecture worked on this project, with consideration for food safety, work environment and environmental conservation, with the goal of creating an environment that is safe and healthy. The rice used obtained Global GAP certification, an international standard for farmers who practice sustainable agriculture.
You can taste the koji rice as it melts naturally on your tongue while the sweetness of the rice spreads in your mouth. It is also characterized with having a refreshing aftertaste.


The non-alcoholic, sugar-free, additive-free Amazake is safe to drink for everyone from small children to the elderly.






The students and teachers of Iwase Agricultural High School selected the design from among several proposals. The design adopted was based on the artist Millet’s masterpiece “The Sower”, which represents the vibrancy and vitality of life, and was designed in a modern art style of a high school girl sowing.


It symbolizes a high school girl who steps out into the soil and vigorously stands up for the future of agriculture, and has the power to send a message not only to the people of Japan, but to the world.












Happo-en is committed to tackling social issues even more seriously under the new slogan, “Living Together & Appreciating the Earth”, and pursuing what we can do for the future of our society. Our goal is to create a sustainable future through partnerships, including activities which supports food safety and sustainable agriculture, as well as planning and production of projects through our connections with producers.






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