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Supporting producers’ wishes to “protect their hometown crops” through a collaborative menu!



Preserving sustainable agriculture practices for the next generation with cold “white asparagus” soup

from Minami Aizu-machi in Fukushima Prefecture





By participating in Host Town activities, we came to know of the white asparagus from Minami-Aizu Town and their sustainable agriculture practices that they are hoping to pass on to the next generation.

In support of their activities, have created two new special menu items, “Cold Soup” and “Gazpacho,” by using the white asparagus from Minami-Aizu Town. 


A limited number of these dishes will be available on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at the Happo-en restaurant, Thrush Cafe and VEGETABLE LIFE, a delicatessen produced by Happo-en.

A heartwarming encounter with the town of Minami Aizu in Fukushima Prefecture

In preparation for the Tokyo 2020 games, Happo-en is participating in the Host Town Appeal Executive Committee,

which works to support the host town activities of municipalities across the country.

It was during this time that Happo-en encountered the town of Minami Aizu in Fukushima Prefecture.


The town of Minami Aizu, with its pristine Japanese landscape, is covered with snow in the winter, and in the summer,

the sun shines so brightly that it is hard to believe it is actually snow country.

It is here that the white asparagus, “Aizu Tajima Asparagus”, which is a main component of this menu, is grown in a natural environment.


Mr. Yuta of “Minami Aizu NATURAL FARM”, says that the number of producers in underpopulated areas has declined and

that he is now working with a strong desire to improve the quality of products while protecting their agricultural practices.

We cherish the connections we have formed through agriculture and share Mr. Yuda’s feelings that a farm is not something that we make by ourselves but something we create as a community.

This is why we have decided to develop this collaboration menu. 


We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy these two special dishes, “Cold Soup” and “Gazpacho”,

which were created by the Happo-en chefs after being inspired by the producer’s passion for white asparagus.



Collaborative Menu #01 White Asparagus and Apple Gazpacho from Minami Aizu NATURAL FARM

The deep flavor of the white asparagus and the freshness of the apple make this one dish feel like summer.

Flower salt and olive oil enhance the delicate flavor of the white asparagus with a crisp apple finish.

Price: ¥900 (tax included) * Limited quantities available

Available at the Happo-en restaurant, “Thrush Cafe”













Collaborative Menu #02 “Cold Soup with White Asparagus from Minami-Aizu

This cold soup is perfect for the upcoming season, and is made with soy milk and white asparagus that was grown in the natural surroundings of Minami-Aizu.

Enjoy the sweet and mellow aroma of asparagus.

Price: 600 yen (excluding tax) *Quantity is limited

Location: VEGETABLE LIFE, which is located on the1st floor of Yukashino-mori, a history museum in Minato Ward. 













Protecting the next generation of agriculture for a sustainable future

With the resumption of our corporate activities, Happo-en has adopted the new slogan, “Living together & Appreciating the Earth”. Under this slogan,

we will further work towards “ethical thinking”, “coexistence”, and “helping one another” again with sincerity and move forward with gratitude and kindness for the earth,

nature, and everything around us that gives us life.


Our goal is to create a sustainable future through ever-expanding partnerships that support sustainable agriculture for the next generation and

produce projects that creates sustainable production and consumption patterns by connecting with producers.


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