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An online beer event to help you stay connected while at home this summer!



An online beer event to help you stay connected while at home this summer!

Enjoy sampling HOP Japan’s craft beer from Tamura City of Fukushima Prefecture.

HOP Japan is actively working on sustainable activities.






As the new coronavirus continues to spread, it is difficult to gather together in person,

so it is important to create new communities and connect with others online.

Happo-en understands the importance of gathering and connecting with others,

which is why we hope to continue to share Japan’s unique people and items through online activities.






In order to help you stay connected this summer, we will be hosting an online beer event on Thursday,

August 6, 2020. This event will be based on Happo-en’s recent online sake event, which introduced a new feature for online events.

This new feature includes delivering beer and food to attendees’ homes in advance before the start of the event.






For this event, we have invited Mr. Makoto Homma of “Hop Japan”, a company that grows hops domestically in Tamura City of Fukushima Prefecture.

While listening to Mr. Homma’s passion for beer making, you can sample his company’s craft beer from the comfort of your own home.

Happo-en chefs will create five original dishes that will pair perfectly with the craft beer.  

We invite you to experience this new type of online event, where all the participants drink the same beer,

taste the same food, and listen to the thoughts of the creators, while creating a strong connection.

The Beer Terrace @ Online, sample Mr. Honma’s craft beer and cuisine made from hops produced in Tamura City of Fukushima Prefecture.

Date : August 6, 2020 (Thursday) 19:30-21:00 *Reservation required

Description: Enjoy conversing with Mr. Honma and Happo-en chefs while enjoying beer and original dishes.

Price: 7,500 yen (tax included) *for one to two people

Method: Online (via Zoom)

Hop Japan Co., Ltd. in Tamura City of Fukushima Prefecture, aims to create a sustainable, recycling-oriented town

The craft beer being introduced at this event is made of 100% hand-picked hops produced by Hop Japan,

a company that produces domestic hops in Tamura City of Fukushima Prefecture.

Mr. Makoto Homma, who will be participating in the event, has worked in the energy industry for many years and aims to create a sustainable and recyclable city using hops, craft beer, and renewable energy.





He is also working with Fukushima University to convert used malt waste and leftover beer into energy, with the aim of creating a waste-free business.

Happo-en empathizes with Mr. Hanma’s sustainable initiatives and his passion for his hometown,

which is why we are holding this event with the hope that more people will learn about Mr. Homma’s initiatives.

On the day of the event, we hope you will enjoy listening to Mr. Honma’s story,

while enjoying craft beer made with Japanese hops and a special meal prepared by Happo-en’s chefs which uses Japanese hops and naturally grown ingredients,

all from the comfort of your own home.


Summer Beer Terrace at Home

Happo-en’s restaurant the Thrush Caf? will also be participating in this collaboration.

At the Thrush Caf?’s beer terrace, we will be serving our popular Happo-en original “Farm to Ale – Fragrant Weizen” as well Hop Japan’s craft beer.

The summer beer terrace at the Thrush Caf? has many regular customers who come back year after year.

Which is why this year’s event will be held with the hope that customers,

who are not able to visit in person this summer will be able to experience the feeling of being at the beer terrace through this online event.

Taking the Next Step- Being more than a wedding hall for the sake of society

With the resumption of our corporate activities, Happo-en has adopted the new slogan, “Living together & Appreciating the Earth”.

Under this slogan, we will further work towards “ethical thinking”, “coexistence”, and “helping one another” again with sincerity and move forward with gratitude and kindness for the earth,

nature, and everything around us that gives us life.

We will never stop accepting the status quo, but rather create more possibilities through online resources, while creating a sustainable future through the power of partnerships.


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