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Celebrating BLUE TREE’s 5th Anniversary



Happo-en Bakery Brand “BLUE TREE” celebrates their 5th Anniversary!

We will be hosting a special campaign to thank our customers as well as

the producers of Izu Oshima Island for their continuous support over these 5 years.



BLUE TREE is Happo-en’s original bakery brand was established in August 2015

with the concept of using delicious Japanese ingredients and transforming it into deliciousness bread.

Head baker Mr. Aoki says, “We want to create bread with domestic ingredients without the use of additives.

With this in mind, we deliver bread that tastes great and makes people happy every day.

In August 2020, BLUE TREE will be celebrating its 5th anniversary by offering special campaign to thank its loyal customers for their support,

and to encourage even more customers to enjoy the taste of BLUE TREE.




■ ≪ 20% off on EC Site ≫ Now more people can enjoy the bounty of Oshima!

The Nippon Croissant: the blessings of Oshima was created from a special encounter between Oshima producers and Happo-en.


Created from a special encounter between Oshima producers and Happo-en, “the Nippon Croissant: blessings of Oshima”,

is made using the rare Oshima butter and milk and has become one of BLUE TREE’s signature products.

Since May of this year, we started selling our products through an EC site as a way of supporting the Oshima dairy industry,

which has been affected by the spread of the new coronavirus.



As a way of showing thanks to not only the Oshima producers, but to all BLUE TREE patrons for the past five years,

we are offering a 20% discount on our e-commerce site for the Nippon Croissants for a limited time from

Saturday, August 1, 2020 to Monday, August 31, 2020.




Celebrating 5 Years with our Anniversary Appreciation Campaign featuring,

The Nippon Croissant: the blessings of Oshima” is now underway!












These croissants were developed by Happo-en baker Takefumi Aoki and his staff with the aim of creating a truly

“Japanese croissant” made using Japanese ingredients from all over Japan.

Once you taste these croissants you will want to eat them every day!

In our search for butter; which is the most important ingredient in making croissants,

we came across the flavor packed Oshima butter and milk.

These flavors are so delectable that you could enjoy them every day and never grow tired.

The secret is the way in which Oshima butter and milk are produced.

The method has been passed down through the generations by producers with a passionate desire to keep its history intact,

despite the threat of discontinuation.


Over the past five years, they have overcome many difficulties;

including damage from typhoons and the recent spread of the new corona virus.

Despite these difficulties, they continued to work and collaborate with Happo-en.






Each and every one of these croissants is carefully baked and packed with the flavors of Oshima.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our customers and to the TEAM HAPPO-EN

producers for their patronage over these 5 years. We hope you will enjoy these croissants at home with your family,

as it is still difficult to go out and away from home.




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