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SHIZUOKA CITY -Tea Room in the Sky



Experience the charm of Shizuoka’s tea at Happo-en’s

two-day event, “SHIZUOKA CITY -Tea Room in the Sky”!



The new facility, “MuSuBu” will be opening our doors on August 28 (Fri.).

Immediately following the opening, we will be hosting our first pop-up event,

“Tea Room in the Sky” from August 29 (Sat.) and 30 (Sun.), 2020, to promote the charms of Shizuoka City,

in cooperation with Shizuoka City and the Shizuoka City Tea Industry Promotion Council.

We invite you to join us for two days to experience the magic of Shizuoka City’s tea culture through a combination of online and offline activities,

which will make you feel as if you are traveling through the city.

Three events you can enjoy at the “SHIZUOKA CITY -Tea Room in the Sky” event!

  1. Limited-time sales of specialty teas from Shizuoka City
  2. ≪ Free trial ≫ Tasteful Japanese tea brewing by a professional
  3. Two professional Shizuoka City’s shaved ice shops available for the first time in the Kanto region.


1. Pop-up shop featuring five popular Shizuko tea shops will be available for a limited time.

By connecting with 5 tea farmers and tea shops; “Koganemidori Tea Garden”, “Houkou Garden”,

“Marutaka Tea Farm”, “Marjou Murakami Garden” and “Tea wholesaler Yamanashi Shoten” from Shizuoka City

you can feel as if you are actually visiting the store.






Enjoy this new type of pop-up store which combines online and offline activities.

For a limited time you can enjoy this pop-up store’s lineup of popular teas from the popular Shizuoka shops,

Koganemidori Tea Garden; which was featured on tv and is known for their tea fields,

as well as Marutaka Farm;which won the platinum prize at “Yomoto Tea AWARD 2019” last year.



. Free trial Japanese tea brewing class; Learn how to brew delicious tea from tea experts

We will hold a seminar where you can learn how to brew authentic and delicious tea while enjoying the taste of Happo-en’s original tea cakes.

In this lesson, we will provide advice on how to enrich your time at home through tea that you can put into practice right away.







3. The first Kanto shop to feature Shizuoka City’s shaved ice!

The popular Shizuoka City shops, “MARUZEN Tea Roastery” and “Chamachi KIN ZABURO”, which serves shaved ice topped with Shizuoka City Tea,

will appear for the first time in the Kanto area at our shop, “MuSuBu”.

We hope you will join us and enjoy a special treat with the unique and subtle taste of Shizuoka City’s tea.


Details regarding the new facility “MuSuBu”

Happo-en’s new pop-up showroom located on Platinum Street in Shirokanedai, Minato-ku will be open from Friday, August 28, 2020.


This new shop was created with the aim of developing unique content and producing various pop-up events that connects people and goods from different regions.

By creating content with a focus on “people” and “food”, we hope to create a community through the fusion of online and real life activities,

while creating a new hub of activity in the Platinum area.


Address: HAPPO-EN URBAN SQUARE 1st & 2nd Floor, 4-9-19 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 03-6456-2030



Contact Person: Osamu Doshita



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