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Creative counter measures for a world with Covid-19



In the era of Covid-19,

incorporate creative counter measures into any event – even standing buffet types!




In the age of Covid-19, we must learn to adopt our lifestyles. On June 2020,

Happo-en resumed its operations with 33 countermeasures in place to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.




In light of the ever-changing situation with regards to the Covid-19,

Happo-en has adopted these new measures in order to provide a safe space that will put everyone’s minds at ease.

Below are some examples of how our measures will not interfere with banquets or events, but instead provide a blanket of added security.



Preventative Measurement Details

  1. Standing banquet style, panels will be used to prevent droplet infection
  2. Course style meals, all dishes are covered to prevent contamination

3. A third style of events that blends online and real-life activities



  1. Standing banquet style, panels will be used to prevent droplet infection

In addition to our existing prevention measures, we have produced panels that can be used for standing buffet-style banquets.

These panel have been crafted into a creative design that can be incorporated into your banquet or event decor seamlessly.

These panels do not interfere with conversations or hinders one’s ability to enjoy their food.





For the standing-room-only style banquets we serve pincho style dishes,

where individuals will be asked to pick up the food for themselves.

Our staff will bring the pincho dishes covered with a lid to the venue and only removing the cover when individuals are ready to take their food.









  1. Course style meals includes lids to prevent contamination

For course-style meals, each dish is served with a cover to prevent contamination.

The cover will be removed by our service staff when each dish is delivered to your table.

The moment the cover is taken off you will be able to experience the mouth-watering aroma of your meal.







  1. A third style of events that blends online and real-life activities

Since resuming our operations in June 2020,

Happo-en has been running a variety of events that combines online and real life activities.


In addition to producing unique contents, we are able to connect local producers and people from all walks of life,

through online events to create new communities.

Our online events introduce a new method of event participation which delivers food to individual’s homes in advance,

allowing all participants to interact with the same food while communicating online.


We can support people in rural areas, who are unable to visit the venue,

or those who want to avoid face-to-face contact with their guests,

by combining online and real-life activities to create a smooth, interactive experience for your banquet or event.







This month, September 2020, Happo-en will hold a special event called “Living Room Wedding”

which incorporates this new method of event participation.

Every day, Happo-en is creating new initiatives in order to meet the needs and concerns of companies and individuals.

We strive to provide one stop shop service while preventing the spread of infection through our new style banquets

and unique event contents in the era of Covid-19.





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