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Peace of mind and safety for all our guests.

The pop-up bridal salon, “#Hachi-Hana POP UP BRIDAL SALON”, allows customers to learn about new age weddings.



During October 3 (sat) through October 11 (Sun), 2020, our new flagship store, MuSuBu; which is located on Platinum Street, we will be hosting the pop-up bridal salon, “#Hachi-Hana POP UP BRIDAL SALON,” for all couples that are interested or planning to have their marriage ceremony at Happo-en.


MuSuBu, which recently opened on August 28, is a pop-up event space that specializes in creating unique types of community content with a focus on “people” and “food” through a fusion of online and real life activities.


Every weekend a variety of events are held with the aim of creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere to promote positive interactions on Platinum Street.


The #Hachi-Hana POP UP BRIDAL SALON is the first bridal event to be held at MuSuBu. This pop-up bridal salon is to help to put couples at ease while providing a more detailed overview of what to expect on the big day.




Availability Period: October 3 (Sat.) ? October 11 (Sun.), 2020

*Except for Tuesday, October 6, 2020, the facility will be closed.

Time: 12:00 – 18:00

Location: MuSuBu HAPPO-EN URBAN SQUARE 1&2F, 4-9-19 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo




Below is are details regarding the various activities that will be available at the #Hachi-Hana POP UP BRIDAL SALON

1.【1F】Visualize your wedding on our caf? floor; includes a free photo session experience!

2. [2F] Experience the safety and security of our third type of event participation with our “Living Room Wedding” exhibit.

3. Experience the “Living Room Wedding” service with a light food tasting & a live cooking demonstration by Happo-en Chefs





1【1F】Visualize your wedding on our cafe floor; includes a free photo session experience!


On the 1st floor, attendees can explore our exhibit called “Our beginning – the story library”, which depicts various life moments, from the day of the wedding and beyond.  A free photo session experience is available for attendees that wish to participate (limited only to Saturdays and Sundays).


Attendees can relax in our cafe, while enjoying a special event menu which includes “Free Range Egg Castella”. The exquisite free range eggs are not only used in this dessert, but in our wedding dishes as well.


Another note worth menu item is our “Platinum Omusubi Set” which features an exclusive type of rice balls. These rice ball recipes were made in collaboration with Toshidaya, a long established rice shop in Shirokanedai that has been in business since the early Taisho Era.





2. [2F] Experience the safety and security of our third type of event participation with our “Living Room wedding” exhibit.



On the 2nd floor, we will use the entire floor to dedication to the “Living Room Wedding” exhibit, which introduces the new event participation style designed by Team Happo-en.


From “participating in event at venues” to “participating in online events,” we are proud to introduce “Living Room Wedding” as a third type of event participation. This service grants online participants the ability to interact with not only the event venue, but to enjoy that same food as real life attendees. This is accomplished by delivering the wedding dishes to online participants’ homes in advance. This allows individuals and families to attend a wedding ceremony online from the comfort of their own home.


In order to ensure that all wedding participants, not only the bride and groom but their families and guests, have peace of mind we will provide an in-depth explanation regarding Happo-en’s countermeasures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Additionally, we will be sharing the testimony of individuals who have experienced the “Living Room Wedding” service this past September.









3. Experience the “Living Room Wedding” service with a light food tasting & a live cooking demonstration by Happo-en Chefs



On the day of “Living Room Weddings”, Happo-en Chefs will lead an online lecture on how to prepare and bring out the flavors of our wedding menu that will be sent to participating guests.


During the #Hachi-Hana POP UP BRIDAL SALON, we have prepared a light tasting both where we will give a demonstration on how to prepare the food and give couples the opportunity to participate in a light sampling of this menu. This allows couples to experience our “Living Room Weddings” service from the perspective of one’s guests. Join us for a day of discover as we answer your questions, dispel any concerns and put your minds at ease with the safety and security we will provide on your wedding day.



Our new “MuSuBu” facility is already being utilized by many local businesses in the area, due to its versatile pop-up event space and our ability to fuse both online and real world activities.

While it is still difficult to travel in Tokyo and the rest of the country, MuSuBu will serve as a new platform with the support of the Happo-en production team as we produce and support PR activities starting in Shirokane, Tokyo area.






Below is an in-depth explanation about the MuSuBu facility.

1st floor : Pop-up Showroom (270.85m )

2nd floor: Community Salon (270.85m )

Address: HAPPO-EN URBAN SQUARE 1st & 2nd Floor, 4-9-19 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku,Tokyo

Phone: 03-6456-2030



Contact Person: Osamu Doshita






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