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 “Tokyo Red Garden 2020” will begin from November 1st (Sun)!

-Enjoy the maple trees illumminated in red- 



Happo-en’s one hundred maple trees are painted red again this year at TOKYO RED GARDEN




The Happo-en garden is painted various shades of red during the event, TOKYO RED GARDEN.

The red illuminations in the Japanese garden, allows visitors to step away from their daily life and into a small, but mystical and magical place.

Take this opportunity to bask in this special autumn event in the Happo-en garden!




1.An illuminating masterpiece begins with the, “Fall Foliage Light-up”

2.GARDEN RED BAR & Kimono Experience, perfect for adults looking for a classy and magical evening

3. Happo-en’s Japanese Restaurant ENJYU is ready to resume business.



1. An illuminating masterpiece begins with the, “Fall Foliage Light-up”

From November 1st (Sun) through December 15th (Tue), 2020, Happo-en will illuminate one hundred maple trees creating a magical autumn landscape in various shades of red. 

During this event, our historical Japanese garden, which has existed since the Edo period, will be artistically lit up.

Immerse yourself in this magical, red landscape that allows you to take a break from reality.



〈Autumn Foliage Light-up〉

Period: Sunday, November 1st – Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

Time: 17:00~21:00







2. GARDEN RED BAR & Kimono Experience, perfect for adults looking for a classy and magical evening

Nestled amongst the illuminated garden foliage, guests will find the “GARDEN RED BAR” opens at night.

The GARDEN RED BAR offers exceptional finger foods that have been prepared by Happo-en chefs, as well as original red cocktails using pomegranate and rosehip to match the atmosphere of the garden.

Enjoy the attractive autumn scenery in the red garden.

Furthermore, on December 4 (Fri), 2020, we will be hosting a special one-day Kimono Experience.

With a glamorous kimono, you can spend a photo perfect night strolling around the mystical Japanese garden. 

We hope you will join us as we create an unforgettable Japanese cultural experience at Happo-en!





November 19th (Thurs), 20nd (Fri), 21st (Sat), 2020

December 4th (Friday), 9th (Wed), 10th (Thurs), 13th (Sun), 2020

Time: 17:00~20:00 (Last Order 19:30)











Kimono Experience

Date: December 4th (Fri), 2020

Kimono dressing start time: ①16:30~ (limited to the first 5 people) / ②17:00~( limited to the first 5 people)

Price: ¥20,000 for ladies (Tax and service charges not included),

¥15,000 for gentlemen (Tax and service charges not included)

Special: Participants of the Kimono Experience will receive one free canape plate & drink.

Capacity: Limited to the first 10 people (applications end when all spots have been filled)








  1. Happo-en’s Japanese Restaurant ENJYU is ready to resume business.

The Japanese restaurant ENJYU; located inside of the main building of Happo-en,

will be resuming its operations concurrently with the start of “TOKYO RED GARDEN 2020” on November 1st (Sun), 2020.

To celebrate this grand reopening, “ENJYU” will be offering a Kaiseki (Japanese-style course dishes) using seasonal ingredients from all over Japan.

We have prepared a lunch course inspired by the changing autumn colors such as persimmons, autumn salmon,

and chestnuts. Enjoy an extravagant lunchtime at the newly reopened ENJYU! (Reservation Required)



[Reservation Number]

TEL: 03-3443-3111

《ENJYU official website》







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