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Supporting Host Town Activities On December 13th (Sun), 2020 Happo-en MuSuBu will broadcast a live concert in support of Host Town exchanges between Tawaramoto Town, Nara Prefecture & The Republic of Guatemala



In conjunction with the Tokyo 2020 Games, the facility for the “2020 Host Town House” will be established in the Ariake district of Tokyo (Musashino University Ariake Campus) to promote the appeal of local governments (host towns) that organize training camps for participating countries in line with the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Happo-en has been entrust with the project’s event production and food development while supporting Host Town activities of local governments all over Japan.

In the town of Tawaramoto in Nara Prefecture, whose host town is the Republic of Guatemala, the “Tawaramoto Brass Band” holds performances twice a year, every June and December.
For the performance scheduled for June 2020, musicians from Guatemala were invited to participate in the performance to promote exchange activities between Host Town partners; however, the concert was canceled due to the spread of the Covid-19.

To support those involved in the concert that was cancelled earlier this year and to help connect the two countries, Happo-en will be broadcasting a live concert on December 13, 2020 (Sun) at the new pop-up showroom “MuSuBu”. Inside the facility, there will be an exhibition booth to promote Tawaramoto Town’s host town related activities as well as various workshops and a menu that incorporates different aspects of both counties.


Tawaramoto Town in Nara Prefecture & Republic of Guatemala “Music & Cuisine Exchange”
・ Date: December 13, 2020 (Sun)
・ Time: 11: 00-18: 00
・ Location: “MuSuBu” 4-9-19 Shirokanedai, Minato city, Tokyo, HAPPO-EN URBAN SQUARE 1F

Four activities to support the Tawaramoto Town,
Nara Prefecture & Republic of Guatemala “Music and Cuisine Exchange”

1. Live concert broadcast at “MuSuBu” from Tawaramoto Town
2. A collaborative menu between Tawaramoto Town ∞ Republic of Guatemala
3. Two workshops: “Making Tawaramoto Town’s popular strawberry Daifuku” & “Coffee tasting experience with an online seminar on Guatemalan coffee brewing techniques”
4.  Relaxation Break: unwind with an almond & Guatemalan coffee beverage


1. Live concert broadcast at “MuSuBu” from Tawaramoto Town

The “Tawaramoto Brass Band” which was scheduled to hold a concert on June 2020, originally had planned on inviting musicians from the Republic of Guatemala, including players of Guatemala’s national instrument the marimba as support for the exchange between the Host Town partners. However, due to the spread of covid-19 the concert was cancelled. The concert will now be held on Sunday, December 13, 2020, officially succeeding in connecting the two Host Towns.
At this concert, the national anthem and typical music of the Republic of Guatemala will be performed under the supervision of Guatemalan contrabass player and stage director Malvin Lopez and Tajima Satoko Sophie; a Guatemalan and resident of Japan, who is widely known vocalist and MC.
In order to support the host town activities between Tawaramoto Town and The Republic of Guatemala through music, Happo-en will connect MuSuBu with the Tawaramoto Town ‘s venue, the “Yayoi-no-Sato Concert Hall” online and broadcast the “Yayoi-no-Sato Winter Concert” live at MuSuBu.

[In Store & Online] Broadcast of “Yayoi no Sato Winter Concert” @MuSuBu

・ Date: December 13, 2020 (Sun)
・ Broadcast time: 14: 00-15: 00
・ Location: “MuSuBu” 4-9-19 Shirokanedai, Minato city, Tokyo HAPPO-EN URBAN SQUARE 1F
* Free admission / Anyone can join the live broadcast.



2. A collaborative menu between Tawaramoto Town ∞ Republic of Guatemala

Inside the MuSuBu caf? we have prepared a special menu that was developed by Happo-en’s chefs. The goal for this menu it to create a menu that can become a food legacy for both countries. Guests will be able to enjoy a set of perfectly paired dishes that combines the two countries. The menu will include a popular Guatemala soup “caldo”, rice balls with “Nara Pickles”, and for dessert the chefs have prepared a special confectionery made with Nara Prefecture’s branded strawberry “Kotoka” that are grown in Tawaramoto Town and coffee from the Republic of Guatemala, which is a major coffee producer.
MuSuBu will also be connecting online with Mr. Kentaro Aoki from “Nara no Ichigoya-san”, who grows “Kotoka” strawberries in Tawaramoto Town. He will speak about the charm of “Kotoka” strawberries with event goers in real time. These strawberries which have just started shipping from early December, MuSuBu will have them available for purchase in the store.
Starting the day after the event, from December 14th (Monday) to December 27th (Sunday), 2020, a special confectionary that incorporates these strawberries will be offered at the restaurant “Thrush Cafe” in Happo-en. We will continue to support and promote the appeal of both Host Town partners even after this event concludes.

(In Store) Collaborative menu connecting Tawaramoto Town & The Republic of Guatemala

・ Special sweets made with Tawaramoto Town’s strawberry “Kotoka” with Guatemalan coffee
500 yen (tax included)

・ Rice ball set with “Nara Pickles” with the Guatemalan dish “Caldo”
500 yen (tax included)

(In store & Online) Introduction of strawberry brand “Kotoka”

・ Time: 12: 00-12: 30/ 15: 30-16: 00 (Subject to change)
・ Host: Mr. Kentaro Aoki from “Ichigoya-san of Nara”








3.Two workshops:
“Making Tawaramoto Town’s popular strawberry Daifuku”
“Coffee tasting experience with an online seminar on Guatemalan coffee brewing techniques”
On the day of the event, two workshops are available, “Making Tawaramoto Town’s popular strawberry Daifuku” & “Coffee tasting experience with an online seminar on Guatemalan coffee brewing techniques”. These workshops were created so that the attendees can experience the charm of both countries.
■【Workshop 1】
Making Tawaramoto Town’s popular strawberry Daifuku
A popular Japanese-style confectionery shops in Tawaramoto town is known for its famous its popular Japanese confectionery “Strawberry Daifukumochi” which is made using Nara Prefecture’s strawberry brand “Kotoka”. In this event, attendees will learn how to make “Strawberry Daifukumochi”, while using the strawberry brand “Kotoka” so that everyone can experience the flavor for themselves.
Time: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Fee: 500 yen per person (tax included)







■【Workshop 2】
Coffee tasting experience with an online seminar on Guatemalan coffee brewing techniques

We will connect online with Carlos Melen, a native of the Republic of Guatemala and founder of GOOD COFFEE FARMS; an organization of smallholder coffee producers in the Republic of Guatemala, will be giving a lecture on how to brew a delicious cup of Guatemalan coffee.
Attendees will not only learn about Guatemalan coffee, but they will also be able to participate in a coffee tasting experience while discussing the culture of the Republic of Guatemala with Carlos.
Time: 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM/ 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Fee: Free
Speaker: Mr. Carlos Melen, GOOD COFFEE FARMS
<About GOOD COFFEE FARMS’ Carlos Melen >
Originally from the Republic of Guatemala, Carlos Melen launched a coffee brand called “DARKS” that used coffee from his homeland in 2011.
Initially, he was looking for good quality coffee beans that were not only flavorful and high scoring, but also traceable, fair, as well as sustainable for farmers. However, he was unable to find beans that met his standards, as a result he returned to the Republic of Guatemala in 2016.
Upon his return, Carlos created a unique refining process that uses bicycles and soon became known throughout the town as more than 200 farmers asked to join in his endeavor. He shared his know-how with farmers who had never used refining treatment before, and in 2017, he launched a producer’s organization called “GOOD COFFEE FARMS. This group continues to produce coffee beans with sustainable production practices.








4、Relaxation Break: unwind with an almond & Guatemalan coffee beverage

The “Almond Effect” (Almond Effect is a registered trademark of Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.), is an immensely popular healthy beverage that provides a day’s worth of vitamin E*1 while also containing plenty of fiber and calcium.  By using Glico’s unique manufacturing process, which has been refined during the company’s long history of working with almonds, this product has a savory taste and a silky-smooth feel! (Source*1: “Nutrient Labeling Standards”)
For this event, with the cooperation of Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd., we will be serving the special collaborative drink, “Tawaramoto town & Guatemala almond latte” that incorporates the “Almond Effect” version that was developed for Baristas and Chefs with coffee from the Republic of Guatemala.
Take a moment to enjoy a warm and relaxing moment as you savor the moderate bitterness of the coffee and the richness of the almond milk, while enjoying the harmonious concert between these two Host Towns.
(In Store) Tawaramoto Town & Republic of Guatemala Special Almond Latte>

Price: 500 yen per cup (tax included)

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