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“Utage” an Evening of Edo-style Entertainment on Sept 28,29,30



An Evening of Edo-style Entertainment
Evening entertainment at Happo-en’s Hakuho-kan Banquet Hall, ordinarily not open to the public, features dance and comedy performances by geisha from Asakusa and a hokan (traditional professional jester). Experience authentic Edo-style entertainment while dining on an exclusive Hakuho-kan menu. Enjoy drinking sake with geisha and the witty commentary of the hokan, one of only eight remaining in Japan.


Dates: Wed. September 28, Thu. September 29, and Fri. September 30 [by reservation only]
Place: Happo-en Hakuho-kan Banquet Hall
Price: ¥15,000 (tax and service included)
Note: The above price includes dinner, drinks and entertainment
Reservations and inquiries: Banquet Sales (Tel: 03-3441-7888), 10 AM to 7 PM

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TEL:0570-064-128 [受付時間(平日)/Weekdays]10:00〜19:00

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