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Bishoku-Juudan Omotenashi Cuisine Dining: Make a jurney across Japan with Cuisine



In 2016, Happo-en enjoyed celebrating our partnerships with municipalities and artisans from across Japan with a series of local events featuring each region’s specialties. We’ve decided to bring all these elements together for a special Omotenashi Cuisine Dining event at Happo-en. Come to taste and experience the best from across Japan. Call today for reservations and visit our site for additional details.


Dec. 01 2016 Thu    18:30~21:00

Dec. 04 2016  Sun     18:30~21:00

Jan. 28 2017  Sat     18:30~21:00

Jan. 29 2017  Sun    18:30~21:00


¥10,000(Consumption tax and service charge includes)/per adult, Food and Bivarage



Tel: 03-3441-7888 (10:00~19:00)


※The schedule is subject to change.

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