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Party Plan|パーティープランParty Plan|パーティープラン

For All Kinds of Parties

With your families, friends and co-workers, etc... Please enjoy our seasonal dishes in the best way to taste the ingredients in season, having a good view of the Japanese garden for all four seasons.
Price: 8,000 yen (Included tax and service charge)/person
Content: Six dishes and Free-flowing Drinks
*Not available private dining room or seat at the counter.


大人数様で、その時の食材を一番美味しい状態で味わっていただけるよう、ご宴会プランをご用意いたしました。 四季折々の表情を見せる日本庭園とともに旬の味をお愉しみください。

[料金] 8,000円 / お一人様(税・サービス料込)
[時間] 17:00~20:00(2時間制、ドリンク L.O. 30分前)
[内容] 冷菜、温菜、食事、甘味を含む全6品、フリードリンク付

For Your Special Occasions|特別なお祝い会席For Your Special Occasions|特別なお祝い会席

Celebrating All Kinds of Events

We are ready to help celebrate all kinds of special events. Some characteristically Japanese celebrations that we accommodate include banquets for the families of newly engaged couples (okao-awase), longevity celebrations, and the traditional so-called first feeding (okui-zome) on the one hundredth day after birth to ensure that the baby will never want for food and will live a long life.




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