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“Gateau Chocolat” Happo-en Original Souvenir

We are proud to launch Happo-en’s delicious new delicacy, “Gateau Chocolat.” This exquisite treat is a perfect souvenir from your event at Happo-en, and was created by Mr. Kazuo Noguchi, Chocolatier.
His chocolate is so popular and highly requested that people are willing to stand in line to purchase it. His belief is that“Chocolate makes people happy.”He also wants to people to understand that you don’t have to be wealthy in order to experience the taste of real chocolate. Everyone can enjoy Happo-en’s three original chocolate brands-: “Kiki,” “Gateau Chocolate,” and “Baked Doughnuts,”which are all made by Mr. Noguchi.

“Gateau Chocolat”
Price : ¥2,000


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