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HAPPO-EN MICE LETTER November 6, 2017 Vol.0074



The Japanese tradition of “Bonenkai,” or “End-of-the-year Party,” dates back to the Muromachi Era, and it began a tradition which remains part of our culture.



People gathered together in order to express thanks to their co-workers. In the Edo Era, people began the custom of drinking together at the Bonenkai, and this tradition developed during the Meiji Era to a style resembling how we still celebrate today.



At Happo-en, we can help you create your Bonenkai in various styles, for example:
-dancing the bon-odori together
-wearing traditional kimono and dresses
-coordinating the color of everyone’s clothing
-playing ice breaker games
-and many others.
We know that people understand the importance of sharing time and space with each other, and making personal connections, at your Bonenkai. The Bonenkai has come to take on a deeper importance.







The person in charge of the party has many things to prepare: decorations, music, cuisine, drinks, lighting, entertainment, prizes, favors, and so on. It takes a lot of time so we can help you. Happo-en will work together with you, so that the organizer can relax and look forward to the event. We have many Bonenkai plans ready for your consideration, and are your one-stop venue for event planning.



HAPPO-EN Party Plan
Thrush Cafe Party Plan
Enju Party Plan




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